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Find The Best Local Body Shop For An Estimate On Repairs

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If you've ever been to an auto body shop, you know the costs can be a little steep, especially if you have a classic automobile as a restoration project. Maybe it's not a project but you've been in a wreck and need to get your vehicle repaired. I've never had the benefit of having my vehicle repaired after an accident. All three times a claim was filed, the car was totaled. That's just the times that I had an accident in which a claim was filed. Of course, one of those cars that was totaled Continue Reading ...

Is This St. Louis’ Car Dent Con Artist?

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Can we catch this guy now? A hustler running a dent-repair scam on St. Louis drivers was caught on camera this summer as he tried to con people in the drive-thru of a Taco Bell, a witness says. The man, tool bag in hand, was working his way down the line, offering to do a little open-air body work, Tower Grove South resident Julian Kussman told the Riverfront Times. See Also: 'I Can Fix That Dent' Scam Artist Working South St. Louis “He was basically talking to everyone in the Continue Reading ...