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If you’ve ever been to an auto body shop, you know the costs can be a little steep, especially if you have a classic automobile as a restoration project. Maybe it’s not a project but you’ve been in a wreck and need to get your vehicle repaired. I’ve never had the benefit of having my vehicle repaired after an accident. All three times a claim was filed, the car was totaled.

That’s just the times that I had an accident in which a claim was filed. Of course, one of those cars that was totaled happened when my best friend was driving the vehicle. I’ve had accidents that required auto body repairs, but at those times, no insurance claim was filed. Of course, these were accidents that I had on my own, not with someone else. For example, I was backing out of a gas station and brushed up against the pole by the gas pump.

That accident didn’t hurt the pole, but it hurt my car. Still, it wasn’t worth reporting to the insurance company. When you do need an auto body shop in your area, you want to be sure that you’ve chosen an established business. These types of shops are always springing up as people have aspirations of visting an Orange County dent repair shop.

However, you need someone that is not only established but experienced in handling the type of vehicle you have that needs body work done. They also need to be able to get to the project. Vehicles take awhile to work on, and if a body shop is busy, they’re busy. That means you need to find a good one that might be busy but can get to your vehicle right away. It could be that you have no other mode of transportation, and if so, time is of the essence to find the best body shop in town.

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