The Best Car Dent Removal Solutions

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The Best Car Dent Removal Solutions

All cars are exposed to scratches and dents, especially if they are used a lot. You can prevent such things from happening, so you have to live with the thought that the older your vehicle gets, the worse its paint is going to look.

Luckily, there are some solutions to restore the beauty of a scratched car without having to repaint it. If the dents and scratches are only superficial, you can fix them with a special kit you can buy from any car accessories shop. These kits contain a polish you need to apply on the dents. By rubbing the surface, all dents and scratches are going to be leveled. The last step is to apply a varnish coat, also included in the kit. It is going to give the treated area a special shine, making the paint look like new. However, in order to be able to use these kits, the dents have to be only in the superficial layer of the coating, which is transparent. If the colored layers are also affected, you are also going to need to paint that area in the right color after you do the polishing. Besides, if the metal is bent, you won’t be able to use any of these kits.

If the dent goes deep into the paint coating, you can use another type of kit which comes with a special pen in the color of your car. If you don’t know the color code, you have to get in touch with the vehicle maker and ask about it. This information is needed in order to make sure you buy the exact shade of color you need. If you buy a different one, the repair is going to be visible. This is not the best way to remove a dent, so you should take your time and do these things properly. Get the right color code, purchase the corresponding kit and follow the instructions. When doing the polishing work, you should always make sure the surface is clean. (If you find the process too tedious, you can always get dent removal in Huntington Beach from OC Mobile Dent Repair.) If you polish a surface covered in dust or dirt, you risk to create a lot of scratches which are going to give you a very hard time. Always clean the surface thoroughly and only after that proceed to the polishing stage. Make sure to exceed a little the margins of the dent. However, avoid going too far from the center of the blemish. The bigger the polished area, the harder it’s going to be for you to give it the right finish that’s going to make it look just like the original paint.

Deeper dents can only be fixed in a specialized car repair shop. The metal needs to be brought to its initial shape. This isn’t possible at home, as you risk to cause even further damage to your car. You should never attempt to fix such dents by yourself. You can try, but chances are you are going to fail, so you are going to pay more to have your vehicle fixed.

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